Each client gets their own database and IAM implementation




Oracle Identity Managed Cloud

Kavalus builds on top of the Oracle Identity and Access Management suite of products. Oracle Identity and Access Management provides robust, capable and industry proven compliance and auditing capabilities. However implementing an in house IAM infrastructure needs hiring specially skilled consultants and hoping that they will implement a solution that will work well for the life of the implementation.

With hosting the IAM solution in cloud, we take away the implementation challenges and provide a proven platform that is ready to use for your organization. We used a shared simplified deployment that is reusable, customizable to your needs and highly scalable using leading cloud technologies and deep understanding of Oralce IAM architecture.

Kavalus cloud is not just a hosted Oracle IAM implementation. Its fundamentally advanced cloud solution based on deep understanding of Oracle IAM portfolio of products. Kavalus Cloud does not tie you down to a specific version and you can upgrade or revert back to a previous version without starting from scratch.

Kavalus Solution delivers a comprehensive set of Oracle powered Identity and Access Management services in the cloud. The solution provides single sign-on, identity lifecycle management, auditing, provisioning, user self-service and risk-based authentication including two factor authentication for cloud-based applications. Use the solution for production usage, proof of concept, development, lab work, training new staff and verifying new versions many more.

Kavalus takes away the pain of implementing a complex IAM solution and provides you modular approach to purchase only the required features.