Kavalus K-Flex Dedicated Cloud Solution

Why choose K-Flex?

  • Proven Scalability and Performance
  • Preconfigured integrations to Cloud Services
  • Innovative and well thought-out approach
  • Oracle Standards/Support
  • Improved usability, interoperability and functionality

What does K-Flex do?

K- Flex brings your organization the power of the Oracle Identity Management Suite in a dedicated cloud environment which can be up and running in days. Most Oracle Identity Management implementations take months and at times even years but with K-Flex you are able to have your base environment available within a day and be able to start using the solution shortly after. All of the maintenance of the solution is taken care of by a team from Kavalus that is dedicated to continue providing you robust options for your solution and a worry free environment to work on.

The K-Flex cloud solution includes the Identity and Access Management Suite of Products.

Identity Manager Includes:

  • Provisioning- grants the access for resources to its users in conformance with Oracle Identity Manager Policies.
  • User life-cycle management- provides users with secure, fine-grained access to enterprise resources and assets.
  • Advanced business workflows for approvals- enables the organization to model its preferred approval processes for managing resource access requests.

Access Manager Includes:

  • Web access management- controls access to web resources, provides authentication management, policy based authorizations and single sign-on convenience.
  • Mobile access management- enables enterprises to secure access from mobile devices and seamlessly integrate social identities with applications.
  • Federated identity provider- provides Single Sign-On (SSO), which generates single authentication ticket which is trusted across multiple IT systems.
  • Multi factor authentication- requires more than one method of authentication to verify user’s identity for login.
  • Secure token services- issues security tokens as a part of claim-based identity system.
  • Custom clients for non-web application access management (ASDK) – processes requests for Web or non-Web resources from users.


K-Flex Implementation Timeline:

  • 8 Hours Environment is READY
  • 1 Day per system Provisioning/Access Mgmt (Office365, AD, LDAP, many more)
  • 1 Week after system configuration Production READY